Who we are

What’s the big deal about Virtia?

We are an IT company. But we don’t see ourselves to be just any old “normal” IT company, we see ourselves as part of the new normal.

So what, I hear you ask, is the new normal?

Well, it’s everything that you have become used to. On the good side it’s ubiquitous IT, it’s being always available, it’s being always in control, most of all it’s being on a journey to the cloud.

On the bad side, it’s about having to be sure you are secure, it’s about knowing there are bad people that want spoil your journey, and it’s about knowing who to trust.

How can Virtia help?

Virtia can be your travel companion throughout your journey. We can make sure you are in touch with what’s good and what’s bad, keeping on top of security and guiding you through the minefield of jargon. We can be as hands off or hands on as you need us to be, we can be just an adviser or we can be a “surrogate” IT Director. 

We are passionate about technology and we want everyone to be part of the new normal with us.

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Our History

Virtia Ltd came in to being as a result of the passion and desire felt by founding director Mark Tate to encourage small businesses to make the best of what modern technology has to offer.¬†Click the picture to find out more…


Our Future

The future as we see it is the end of an inescapable journey into ubiquitous IT, where everything is online and everyone can access it from anywhere. You see, the thing is, we are already a long way down that road. Click the picture to find out more…

Some Fun Facts about our work
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