We are the tech interpreters

We understand that our clients just want to focus on their business. They know their own industries inside and out. We know that don’t generally have an interest in technology, except where it helps them achieve their targets, and when it comes to the tech gobbledigook and jargon, they really have no interest in learning it!

That’s why we pride ourselves in being able to speak both “languages” – Business and Technology. After all, we are running a business ourselves, we face the same challenges, we need the same IT solutions.






All About Us

About Us

Where it all began

Virtia Ltd came in to being as a result of the passion and desire felt by founding director Mark Tate (an avid Commodore 64 enthusiast in his youth!) to encourage small businesses to make the best of what modern technology has to offer.

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We are a family business

Our Team

Mark Tate

The "boss"
The yin to everyone's yang

Rachel Tate

The real "boss"
The voice of reason

David Tate

Top Supporter
Providing the cool beard

Victoria Reece

Spreading the word