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– Mark Tate, 16th May 2020

The COVID19 crisis has taught us that our staff CAN work from home AND deliver great results!

For a long time, businesses have stuck to the same model. Have an office, then have another one, then have a head office to “control” the others. People being out of office would usually be for very few reasons; they were on holiday, they were off sick, they were visiting customers or suppliers or generally “on a jolly”.

Management couldn’t possibly allow their staff to be anywhere else, maybe because of ego or trust or just plain old megalomania! Who knows their reasoning… But guess what? It turns out that staff can be trusted to work outside these constraints. And guess what also? They are usually more productive!

home working

Mobilisation of the workforce

In March 2020, COVID19 brought the entire world to a standstill; with most governments introducing some form of lockdown,  the only option for many businesses to carry on functioning, was to very quickly get their staff working from home.

It affected Virtia as it did everyone else. Where as before, working from home was something of a necessity for me only when the plumber was coming, I soon got used to the new routine.

Our staff were also quickly and easily “relocated” and adapted to the new world order, with none of our customers or suppliers any the wiser. Our calls were still answered in the usual way, we were able to have productive meetings and the quality or quantity of work didn’t suffer one bit – in fact if anything it improved!

So how did we do it? Find out more here…