What We Do

Virtia can help your business work from anywhere, without sacrificing quality or productivity. With the right security, the right connectivity and the right tools, the only obstacle to getting great results from your home workers is your way of thinking. Talk to us and let us change it!


Working from anywhere can be simple.

Virtia works with global partners to simplify the way you work. Access emails, share files, and talk to your colleagues and customers, anywhere you go.

Hosted Telephony

Phone systems don't need to be bulky.

Virtia can provide you with your very own hosted VoIP system with all of the features you would expect of a modern UC system. 


Staying connected is more important than ever in the digital age.

Virtia provides enterprise grade connectivity to give you peace of mind. Keep your focus on connecting to your customers.


You wouldn't leave your house unlocked, would you?

Cyber threat is continuously evolving, don’t let your network become vulnerable. As Fortinet partners we provide best in breed firewalls, to ensure your network stays secure.

Service Delivery

No one should be left stranded.

We can provide you with a full IT service to support your end users, or we can supplement your existing IT team by acting as your Service Desk with a triage only service to fulfillment of all requests.

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Let's discover how we can make your life that little bit easier...

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What our clients say


Virtia have revolutionised the way we work. We were stuck in the past with outdated email systems and so on, now we are making leaps and bounds into the future, thanks to Mark and his team.

Daniel Richards
Operations Director - SME

Virtia have done an amazing job in securing our systems and enabling us to work from anywhere. Mark is so passionate about technology and always gives us a true and honest appraisal of our plans and projects.

Leila Babb
Financial Controller - Hospitality

In a time where Cyber Security is more important than locking your front door we turned to Virtia for help and support whilst we undergo a mass IT infrastructure upgrade and change. Mark's expertise and knowledge in this field is exemplary. Through Mark and his team's support and management, the IT infrastructure upgrade was smooth, fast and effective. With no noticed down time from our users.

Steven Reece
Technical Director - Health Services

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